Whatsoever Stories

About The Author

Kinsey M. Rockett

Books were an important part of my life long before I ever learned to read, and as far back as I can remember I have loved a good story. Through the various seasons in my life, books have had a tremendous impact on me, and they were especially influential in my middle childhood years.

After learning to read, an interest in creative writing followed at about the age of six. During my childhood I succeeded in completing a few short stories, but many others fizzled out early on. When I was eleven, I began penning poetry, and for the next several years most of my creative writing landed in the poetic realm, resulting in a collection of poems put into print specifically for family and friends.

Still wanting to write stories, I resumed my creative writing pursuit, but I struggled to put something together that I felt was engaging. As a result, most of my story ideas either never materialized or were never finished. Finally, when I was fifteen, I read the book How to Write a Story by Lee Roddy, which outlines a method for structuring a story so that it catches and holds a reader’s attention. Though a bit skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try. It revolutionized my writing! I was able to identify and correct areas of weakness, and in the spring of 2015 I completed my first manuscript, Trial at the Ridge.

Though my primary focus is story writing, I also enjoy writing a regular column called “Growing in Grace” for a Christian young ladies’ magazine, in which I have the opportunity to share some of the things that the Lord has taught me and to encourage other young ladies to follow after Him.

My brother Chris has been a crucial part of my writing journey. His deep love for history combined with my desire to write historical fiction have made for many long, enjoyable hours spent discussing story ideas, plot lines, character development, etc. As my research assistant and historical consultant, he has been an indispensable help, digging up resource treasures for me to read and study and providing his own input in order to help with the accuracy of details in my stories. He is also really great at suggesting what I should write next!

Now a homeschool graduate, I currently reside with my family in rural Eastern Washington, where I grew up on a small farm. In addition to writing, I have continued to pursue my musical interests, singing and playing the piano for church as well as for pleasure. During my free time I can often be found working on a needlework project, playing games with my family, or corresponding with friends. I love serving the Lord in many different ways and am grateful for the experiences He has given me that have helped me to grow in Him.