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Girls 4 Glory

Since October 2017 I have had the privilege of column-writing for a Christian girls’ magazine originally called Girls 4 Glory but changed to Anchored Girl in 2021. Scriptural, practical, and solid, this magazine is filling a much-needed niche in godly reading material. In its pages you will find articles, testimonies, poetry, recipes, book reviews, project ideas, and more. It has been a great blessing to me, and I highly recommend it for ladies and girls of all ages.

For more information or to subscribe, contact the editor at anchoredgirl@hotmail.com

From Shanie Gettis, Founder & Editor-in-Chief: “Here at Girls 4 Glory [now Anchored Girl Ministries] we are endeavoring to encourage, bless, and inspire young women to make Jesus Christ and serving Him their deepest passion … We want to spur you on in your quest of service, love, and worship of the one true King.”